Get ready for Florida Flow Fest 2015:
October 23-25, Lake Worth, FL

f3 ins image 2 Sharna Rose, Bach La Ouach, Steve Bags & Valentina, Tyler Spades, Marvin Ong, Mike Hayataka, Doodle, Juan Gaurdiola, Katrina Gay, Eli Harrod, Paula Chambers, Chris Dall, Johny Douglas, Jonathon Sterling

Kole Burke, Mean Mike, Nikita Litersky, Angel Real, Alice Nimmo, Rysha, Crystal Smith, Michael Mikler, Ian Michael, Tommy Danger, Thomas Barrett, Fred Horal, Heather Phoi, Nick Minton, Katie Pinto Bella, Bill Nichols, Lindsay Johnson, Raychel & Mars, Kory San, Amy Gilliam, Brad Bishop, Tony Ra!

Flying Trapeze by Aerial Trapeze Academy!

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Special thanks to all who came
and played with us in
2011 & 2012 & 2013 & 2014!

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Florida Flow Fest 2015: Luminous!
October 23-25, Bryant Park Lake Worth!

Enjoy this recap video from last year’s fest,
Florida Flow Fest 2014: Synergy!

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